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Updated: Sep 29, 2023



In my early 20s even though I was very active in sports especially martial arts, I was dealing with several different health issues,

In digestive level I had Gastritis & Colitis,

In structural level I had sciatica & lower back pain,

In emotional level I have tons of explosive & implosive anger, my jaw & my teeth hurts a lot because of the daily stress & pressure I had &

At the Physical-Mental level I had several psychosomatic 2-5 days of itching all over my body, or sneezing over 100 sneezes in one round or certain moving pain all over my body, sleeping straight uninterrupted was almost impossible.

At the time I was going from one specialist to another, I was taking different medications & there was not a day without pain & suffering. Once I was telling an old friend of mine: that I asked God if it was possible to wake up in the morning without pain. My friend replied, 'On that day, you know you are dead. so for me living a life without pain was a far reaching wishful thinking, & most of the doctors were telling me I have to have a different lifestyle but when I was asking them, they did not have any suggestions

One day another old friend of mine that he took a yoga class & the experience was great for him; invited me to attend in that class & I did, the experience of relaxation seems like coming back to my home was amazing experience & I signed up & attend not only morning classes also evening classes, I was experiencing this amazing stillness in my mind & body that was impossible for me before & I did not have any evidence that such feeling exist at all.

In less than 6 months, the sciatica and lower back pain that all specialists believed required surgery was gone, my colitis & gastritis that I could not manage it for over 7 years were gone, my anger subsided in a way that seems it was never an issue in my life, my allergies & psychosomatic were gone.

I was a new person, I already started new eating habits, new habits in breathing, new habits in my sleeping patterns, new ways of participation in life, new ways of thinking, now I had a new life style, yoga was the lifestyle that I was trying to find, around the 1st year anniversary of my yoga class my master gave me the permission to lead one of his basic classes, from that event I got the status of junior teacher.

For over 45 years, this new lifestyle, new habits, and new patterns have been my way of life. Yoga gave me the opportunity to share these principles and techniques with others.

For my first blog on Well-Being I decided to ask CHAT GPT & Here is the answer of AI :

“Here are some suggestions for blog post ideas on well-being:

  • What is well-being?

  • The importance of well-being

  • Different dimensions of well-being (physical, mental, emotional, social, spiritual)

  • How to improve your physical well-being

  • How to improve your mental well-being

  • How to improve your emotional well-being

  • How to improve your social well-being

  • How to improve your spiritual well-being

  • Tips for living a more balanced and fulfilling life

  • How to deal with stress and anxiety

  • How to overcome challenges and setbacks

  • How to build resilience

  • How to cultivate self-compassion

  • How to develop healthy relationships

  • How to find your purpose and meaning in life

You can also write more specific blog posts on topics such as:

  • The benefits of exercise for well-being

  • The benefits of mindfulness for well-being

  • The benefits of sleep for well-being

  • The benefits of eating a healthy diet for well-being

  • How to create a healthy work-life balance

  • How to manage stress at work

  • How to deal with difficult people

  • How to overcome burnout

  • How to cope with grief and loss

  • How to raise happy and healthy children

  • How to stay healthy and active as you age”

As you can see, CHAT GPT suggested very nice topics.

Now my request from you as the reader of this blog is:

Please tell me in the area of Well-Being what is the most interesting or enticing subject that you like to read or to know?

Especially in this age of information & Artificial Intelligence that everyone can find the information they require easily & abundantly.

Now here is some subjects that came to my mind as other possible options:

What is observation & its relation to Well-Being?

What is the best access to the present moment?

Well-Being & Breathe

Breathe & Relaxation

Breathe & Energy

Self Healing

Self Acceptance & Well-Being

Self Love & Well-Being

Meditation & Well-Being

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